Escherichia coli

Escherichia coli
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Escherichia coli

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E. coli O157 Rapid Food Testing

E. coli O157-AD "SEIKEN" is an O157 LPS antigen detection kit implementing magnetic beads coated with a monoclonal antibody to concentrate the antigen for sensitive detection. Two enrichment protocols, 6 and 18 hours, are available (sensitivity: 1 CFU/g and 0.04 CFU/g, respectively). Each uses proprietary media for optimal growth of E. coli O157 (magnetic rack sold separately).


E. coli O157 Latex Test

LPS antigen extraction procedure based on a colony sweep method from selective media for more sensitive and cost-effective screening, giving results in as little as 10 minutes. The risk of laboratory infection is decreased while increasing specificity for colony sweeping and direct stool screen when acute infection is suspected.

EHEC IMS (O157, O111, O26)

This immunomagnetic separation (IMS) kit has useful applications in clinical, veterinary and environmental settings in addition to food isolation/detection. Isolation efficiency is increased significantly (up to 100 times) because the test uses a highly specific monoclonal antibody against O157 LPS molecule. IMS products for E. coli O26 and E. coli O111 are also available.

Escherichia coli Antisera

The widest E. coli antisera range available commercially, comprised of two sets. Set 1 contains 8 polyvalent and 43 monovalent O antisera (2 mil x 51), Set 2 includes 22 H antisera (5ml x 22).
E. coli cells are taken from a culture plate and mixed with antisera on a glass slide.
Antisera against toxigenic E. coli pili are also available (K88, K99, 987P).

Shigatoxin Detection & Identification

VTEC-RPLA "SEIKEN" tests for shigatoxin 1 and 2 in culture isolates of E. coli. Recommended as a confirmatory shigatoxin assay in clinical, public health, industrial and research labs. Yet another dependable assay, VTEC-RPLA has a sensitivity of 1ng/ml and is 100% sensitive and 100% specific when compared to the verocell assay for culture isolates of E. coli.

Heat stable Enterotoxin (ST)

An EIA kit using a synthetic peptide toxin and toxin-specific monoclonal antibody labeled with horse radish peroxidase as conjugate for high specificity. ST in culture filtrates will compete with the well-bound peptide toxin to prevent conjugate binding to the wells, thus preventing/reducing color formation after substrate again.

Heat labile Enterotoxin (LT)

The test is performed in a 96 V-well microtiter plate; a positive result indicates that the isolate of E. coli produces LT. *Sensitivity of approximately 1-2 ng/ml and 100% correlation to Y1 bioassay has been reported.


Source: Denka Seiken


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