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TE (Peltier) Cooling PCR Thermocycler UV Table
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PCR Thermocycler & UV Table

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ExtraGene's PCR adopt the most advanced PELTIER technology in the prevailing world in the terms of speed,operation and reliability.
For personal use, EG3200 is economical and save your space. EG9600, your best choice for all the PCR tubes, 0.2ml single tube, 8 strip tubes and 96well plates. The block is changeable.

Product Description

TE (Peltier) Cooling PCR Thermocycler

  • Sample plate well: 32 x 0.2ml(4 x 8).
  • Temperature range for the sample plate: 4ºC-100ºC with 0.1ºC resolution.
  • Temperature range for heat lid: 98ºC-105ºC
    Max temperature up rate: ≥3ºC/s
    Max temperature down rate: ≥2.8ºC/s.
  • Average temperature up/down rate: ≥2ºC/s@55ºC-95ºC.
  • Max temperature difference between wells: ±0.5ºC.
  • Temperature control resolution: ±0.1ºC.
  • User program: 110 (each program may contain up to 13 segmenats with 3-step cycle for each program).
  • Time extending function.
  • Temperature extending function.
  • Dimension: 280 x 230 x 180.



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