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Strep B Latex Test

Direct 10-minute slide latex agglutination for identification of pregnant women at risk of passing group B streptococcal infections to infants. Sensitivity is 106 CFU/ml and predictive values for negative and positive results are 99.8 and 65.2%. *More sensitive results (104 CFU/ml) using a short culture step are possible.

Strep Grouping Kit

Strept LA "SEIKEN" contains slide latex agglutination reagents for grouping the four major streptococci: A, B, C, and G (approximately 95% of streptococci isolated from human infections).
Specimens from liquid culture (Todd-Hewitt medium) or isolated colonies from a blood agar plate can be tested. Specificity is superior due to the high quality of the sensitized antibody and rapid antigen extraction procedure used.

Group A & B Strep Antisera

Group A (T-Typing) Antisera "SEIKEN" and Group B Streptococci Typing Antisera "SEIKEN"
Group A consists of 5 polyvalent (T, U, W, X, and Y) and 19 monovalent T-agglutinin antisera (2ml x 24); Group B consists of 6 antisera for typing la, lb, II, III, IV, and V (2ml x 6).
*Antisera, for types VI, VII, and VIII are also available.

Streptococcus pneumoniae Antisera

The set contains 8 polyvalent antisera (2ml x 8) and 39 monovalent antisera (2ml x 39). As with other Denka Seiken typing products, specimens are tested using up to five polyvalent or monovalent antisera simultaneously on a glass slide. No reagent preparation is necessary, and no special equipment is needed. Results are visually interpretable within 60 seconds.


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