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Salmonella Latex

Screening for the presence of Salmonella isolated from food and clinical specimens by slide latex agglutination test using highly specific antibodies against Salmonella H (flagellar antigen). Little or no cross-reactivity is seen with other Enterobacteriaceae such as Citrobacter, E. coli, Klebsiella, Shigella, Y. enterocolitica, etc.

Salmonella Typing Antisera

Set 1 consists of 2 polyvalent and 17 monovalent O-grouping and Vi antisera (2ml x 18); Set 2 includes 17 H-typing monovalent antisera (5ml x 17). Salmonella cells are taken from a culuture plate or liquid culture and mixed with respective O antigen (slide agglutination) or H antigen (tube agglutination) tests, respectively. Newer product variations include Omnivalent antisera and H-polyvalent for presumptive identification. This test is well-suited for precise epidemiological work or rapid screening procedures.


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