BluCapp™ Tubes

BluCapp™ Tubes
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BluCapp™ Tubes

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BluCapp™ Centrifuge Tubes are available in 15ml and 50 ml volumes and are manufactured from virgin polypropylene and are designed to handle the rigors of everyday lab work.

BluCapp™ tubes feature easy to read graduation marks and ample writing space that measures 20 mm wide by 50 mm in length.  Our 15 ml tube has black graduation markings from 1.5 to 15 ml and is centrifuge speed rated to 9,400 RCF. The 50 ml tube has black graduation markings for measurements of 5 to 50 ml and is centrifuge speed rated to 9,400 RCF.

All tubes include a flat top rim seal cap manufactured from high-density polyethylene. The top of the cap has a frosted writing surface for labeling. Engineers have incorporated BluCapp™ to have large ridges for increased grip when wearing gloves and a 3/4-turn closure, increasing speed and allowing for one-handed operation.


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